Innovative-Theme based Workshops at English Immersion Camps

CISL Cultural Workshops are an immersion into culture in the United States, and a unique opportunity to experience life at our university locations and their surrounding cities..

Each theme is a springboard for conversation allowing students to engage in an authentic, cultural experience outside of the regular classroom setting. Workshops emphasize mainly speaking and interaction in more casual settings in order to promote spontaneous English language production. Each workshop will activate practical task-based skills outside of the classroom environment.

We have made specific changes to our cultural workshops by updating the theme topics at every location. Each program will focus on and explore a specific subject, complementing our English courses…

6 Reasons to Study with CISL’s Junior Programs

Barnard College – College Preparation

  • Guided tours of three premier universities Harvard, MIT, and Yale.
  • Experience university life first hand in one of the USA’s premier college campuses.
  • Learn how to complete a College Application Essay.
  • Prepare how to write a resume and present during a job interview.


Pepperdine University – Music and Film

  • There is no better place than the entertainment capital of the world to explore and gain better insight into the film and music industry.
  • Analyze past and recent success stories of the entertainment industry in Hollywood. 
  • Experience Los Angeles as a local living on the beautiful Pepperdine campus.


University of San Diego – Environment and Sustainability

  • Students will learn firsthand and gain a better understanding of environmental issues, as well as focus on ways to support a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Explore the University of San Diego’s green labs and their effort to reduce our carbon footprint in an efficient manner.
  • Visit local tide pools, Balboa park, Torrey Pines, and many more natural/environmental sites in San Diego.


Loyola University of Chicago – Arts and Architecture

  • Explore Chicago’s multicultural neighborhoods.
  • Gain a better understanding and insight of a thriving arts scene.
  • Experience a river tour and the city’s best views at the observation deck 360 Chicago.
  • Visit the Museums of Contemporary Art and Photography.


UC Berkeley – Technology and Startups

  • In the heart of silicon valley students will be exposed to how technology has impacted our society and current events.
  • Analyze case-studies of influential entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Research the startup funding process and stages. 
  • Practice using high-tech and social media terminology.


Georgetown University – Leadership

  • Explore a great city and campus to learn and experience leadership skills right in the heart of US government.
  • Discuss all aspects of democracy.
  • Develop effective communication skills by debating on current issues.
  • Discuss and compare reporting and freedom of speech. 


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