San Francisco has so many different restaurants that a person could eat at a different restaurant every day for a year, and still not even scratch the surface of the diversity of restaurants available. Now this list of eateries has gotten even longer because of the delicious food available on wheels. That’s right, FOOD TRUCKS!

foodtruck1Our newest activity at CISL San Francisco is “Lunch with Derrick”. Derrick, one of our Client Services Coordinators and DSO, has a sincere dedication to all things delicious. He often is the first staff member to try the latest restaurant in town and report back on how tasty the food is (or isn’t).

Derrick’s food adventures often include food trucks as they are an exciting opportunity to try various types of cuisine in a convenient and casual atmosphere.

He often visits the “food truck of the day” during his lunch break, and has recently begun inviting students at Converse to get out of their comfort zones and have a uniquely San Francisco experience. The website gives daily information about the location and genre of food available each afternoon.

This past Tuesday, Derrick and 12 students from CISL San Francisco visited The Chairman and had the exciting opportunity to wait in line with native English speakers, and choose from a unique menu. Popular items include Taiwanese bun sandwiches filled with tender pork belly, Muscovy duck confit, or spicy chicken with toasted sesame puree. The Chairman was voted “Best Food Truck” by San Francisco Magazine, so the CISL students had the opportunity to sample flavors that are inspired by the original street food of Asia.

The San Francisco Food Truck scene is amazing! When you visit San Francisco, eating from at least one food truck is a must! Happy Eating to all of you, whether from a stationary San Francisco restaurant or one on wheels!