When words are not enough to describe the feeling that this city gives you, the only thing I can do is encourage you to find out for yourself.

I could tell you everything this city offers to you, starting with its stunning neon lights, flooded grand avenues crowded of people, or its amazing hotels, great constructions that are enjoyed by millions of yearly travelers around the world. In the same day, you can spend the morning surfing the channels in ‘The Venetian Hotel’ and travel to New York to spend the afternoon visiting the Statue of Liberty, passing along the way by an awesome avenue full of the most impressive hotels, and stopping to see the Eiffel Tower.

I could tell you about gambling, the many casinos and festive atmosphere that is breathed in every roll of the dice . Every corner of the city is full of casinos, replete of people who spend their money with the hope to win the biggest award. If you walk through them, you will feel the shouting and joy when someone is on a roll

I could tell you about the people, the amount of persons you will meet and friends you will find. People from all over the world flood the big avenues looking to have fun and meet new people. You won’t have to strive a lot to find really interesting people with whom to share the night partying.

Talking about partying, I could tell you how crazy is the party in this city, and depict the numerous clubs where you likely will spend the best nights ever, even I could describe you with many details the four magnificent days I spent on this city.

However, everything I say, will seem ridiculous to you at the moment you set foot in Las Vegas

What are you waiting for?

-Patricia from Spain