Fish . . . in a taco? Stranger things have been eaten!

Living and studying in San Diego means weekends on the beach in Coronado, great shopping, a fun nightlife downtown and in Pacific Beach. But it also means EATING! What is there to eat in San Diego that you cannot get elsewhere? Fish tacos.

The fish taco was “invented” in San Diego and a favorite of locals. What makes a fish taco special? A fish taco must have the following ingredients:

  • fresh white fish (usually grilled, sometimes battered and fried)
  • two soft, fresh tortillas (white corn or flour)
  • shredded cabbage
  • “white sauce” (usually a secret mixture of sour cream, yogurt, or mayonnaise and spices)
  • hot sauce and lime/lemon garnish

Who makes the best fish tacos? This is something that locals will argue about. If you would like to try the “original” fish taco, head to the fast food joint called Rubio’s. The Pacific Beach location is the first, and the restaurant chain has grown over the last few decades so that there are restaurants around the country.

Here are a few of the locations that CISL teachers have said are their favorite spots for delicious fish tacos:

Tin Fish, Downtown and Imperial Beach

After class at CISL, head south towards the Convention Center. In front of the Hard Rock Hotel are beautiful water fountains and Tin Fish, which has delicious fish tacos. Sit outside and enjoy the view of beautiful Downtown San Diego as you enjoy a tasty lunch!

Tin Fish also has another fun location: at the end of the pier in Imperial Beach. Enjoy a taco and a beer while watching the sun set over the Pacific. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

Shore Club, Pacific Beach

For the best views of Pacific Beach, check out the Shore Club. This fun location is location above the souvenir shops in Pacific Beach and the walls are all windows, so you have a perfect view of the water from any table. Their fish tacos are delicious, but the best item on the menu is the lobster tacos. Delicious and decadent!

Note: you must be 21 and over to enter the Shore Club. Make sure to bring your ID!

World Famous, Pacific Beach

Not over 21? Head south just a few blocks from the Shore Club and try the delicious lobster tacos at World Famous. You will enjoy the same flavors and the same great view!

Princess Pub, Little Italy

An English pub that makes delicious fish tacos? Strange, we know! The Princess Pub’s fish tacos are absolutely delicious, due mainly to the layer of cheese that is in between the two flour tortillas. On Taco Tuesday you can enjoy the tacos for half price. Yummy and cheap!

Casanova Fish Tacos, San Diego Public Market

When someone only makes a few items, there is a good chance that the dishes will be delicious. This is definitely the case with Casanova Fish Tacos! Located at the San Diego Public Market (which is open on Wednesday and Sunday mornings), these tacos are arguably the most authentic, the most delicious, and made with the most love. The owner makes everything to order and is passionate about everything that goes in to his tacos. They are perfection!