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It is the season for giving, and to celebrate, CISL is offering some synonyms for the word “give.” How many of these do you know? Take a look at the list before scrolling down to read the definitions.

Synonyms for “give”

  • gift
  • provide
  • bestow
  • bequeath
  • donate
  • grant
  • hand over

Of course, these words do not have the exact same meaning as the word “give.” Below are the words with their definitions.

Synonyms for “give”

Gift (formal): to give a gift

  • He gifted each of his employees a beautiful Christmas basket.

Provide: to make available 

  • The program provides free education for underprivileged college students.

Bestow (formal, antiquated): to present something as a gift 

  • The family bestowed their World War II artifacts to the museum.

Bequeath (formal, antiquated): to give something in the form of an inheritance 

  • She bequeathed her estate to her two sons.

Donate: to give, usually to a charity

  • An unknown person donated 1 million dollars to our charity this year.

Grant: to give, usually money to an academic or research institution

  • The government granted use of the land to the scientists for research.

Hand over: to give something to someone else. 

  • The kids handed over the stolen candy.

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