By CISL San Francisco student, Roman

Jisu studies business in Korea and decided to take a year off from university to discover the world. She wants to travel to every continent and communicate with people from all over the world, but she also thinks that it is very important to have a high level of English. Therefore, she has decided to go to a language school in San Francisco before traveling any further.

She enjoyed her classes at CISL San Francisco because of the variety of topics discussed in the classroom. Students can suggest new topics, but everyone has to share their ideas about them. This helped her a lot to improve her vocabulary and to gain confidence in speaking and listening.

Even though Jisu already considered herself open minded before coming to San Francisco, she thinks that she has become even more open minded during her four months in the city. She learned a lot about Islamic and European cultures from people she met both in school and outside of school. Her favorite places in the Bay Area are Sausalito, Nob Hill, and the Dolores Park.

After graduating from CISL, she will move to New York City to discover another amazing city in the United States and to meet more interesting people.