three-students-cisl-san-franciscoBy Sheron

As our Sales and Marketing Executive, I conduct New Student Orientation every Monday at CISL San Francisco. I enjoy welcoming students from a variety of different countries and introducing them to our lovely school and beautiful city.

Last week in Orientation, I noticed three young ladies sitting in a row all wearing the same kind of shoes. When they introduced themselves, the incoming students and I learned that they are all biologists from Spain and also great friends. “It’s a coincidence that we all have the same shoes,” they exclaimed. They told me about the famous shoe company, Aro, and how they’d selected the shoes simply because they were extremely comfortable.

These three friends truly display the famous phrase “great minds think alike”. One morning during Break time, our School Director noticed that not only were Alba, Roser, and Ana wearing similar red shoes, but coordinating shirts as well.

“We each have a private room in our residence, but we eat breakfast in the morning together. Today we came downstairs and noticed that all three of us were dressed alike! A complete coincidence!”  Was this a Kodak moment? Most definitely. I snapped a quick shot of these three friends who are doing a great job of sticking to their agreement of speaking English Only. They have accepted the challenge to work toward improving their English as much as possible, by speaking English as often as they can. As you know, this is especially important when traveling with friends from home who speak the same native language.  When it would be easier to quickly switch into speaking Spanish, these three friends choose to continue expressing themselves in English.

“It’s difficult, but we have to do it. This is why we’re here.” Great job ladies for taking your English improvement so seriously.

Will YOU accept the challenge?