Have you ever wondered what it would be like to trade places with someone for one day? We asked our CISL San Diego students this question recently.

To correctly answer this question, students must properly use the Second Conditional. See our grammar lesson on the Second Conditional to refresh yourself on its form.

The Second Conditional talks about things that probably wouldn’t happen, like our question about switching places for a day. Other examples include:

If I were President for one day, I would ask the Secret Service many questions. 

If I were Queen for a day, I would wear her crown and dance around.

If I were a child, I would not have to worry about anything.

If I were you, I would study more for your exam. 


Enjoy our student Dajana’s entry, and its many examples of how to correctly use the Second Conditional!


Switching Places: My Day as Sammy Khedira

By Dajana Muller

If I had the chance to be a different person for one day, I would like to be Sammy Khedira.

Sammy Khedira is a German soccer player who is currently playing for Real Madrid– a Spanish premiera division team.

If I had the chance to trade places with Sammy, I would not only live in Spain, but I would have the chance to train under Jose Mourinho–the best soccer coach of his time–and play with some of the greatest soccer players in the world.

My training day with Coach Mourinho and my teammates would be pretty hard, but it would also be a lot of fun. The coach would teach me a lot about tactics because he would see me seriously lacking in this area. I would be very attentive since I would want to take as much from this day as possible. Moreover, some of the players would take me to the side to help me with my technique. I would joke around a lot with the guys and we would have a lot of fun enjoying our short time together.

At the end of the day he guys would most likely be happy to get rid of me and to get Sammy back on the following day. But all of us would have experienced a very interesting day none of us would ever forget.