Last month, CISL San Diego asked its students to write a travel article that was similar to our Tips for Enjoying Las Vegas post. The results were very impressive! The winner, Emilie Staes, wrote about visiting Valencia, which is on the west coast of Spain. Congratulations, Emilie, and thank you for your submission!

Valencia: Where Else?

By Emilie Staes

If you like charming places and partying all night, Valencia is what you need! Indeed, Valencia is an amazing destination, and here are some of the reasons why:

1. Eat Typical Food

Man ypeople enjoy eating “paella Valencianna”. You can eat traditional food as well as food from all over the world. “El Carmen” is the best place to eat gastronomic food. In the surrounding area of “Plaza del Ayuntamiento”, you can find many delicious and cheaper restaurants.

2. Let’s Go Shopping!

Valencia is famous for its big shops and commercial centre. The city can suit all tastes. If you want to experience high fashion, go to Sroni, Cicilo, Amoros, or Jorge Juan Street. Or, if you prefer to buy some fresh products, one of the biggest covered markets is waiting for you: El Mercado Central de Valencia.

3. Get Some Rest at the Park

Jardines del Turia. Copyright VLC Valencia.

Valencia is also famous for its wonderful parks. This place is a pleasure for the eyes. Admire all the vegetation and the flowers, meet other people and exchange words . . . but you can also do some sports like running, basketball, riding bicycles, rollerskating, and skateboarding. “Jardin del Turia” is most highly recommended park. If you spend some time there, don’t forget to visit the City of Arts and Sciences. There are a lot of things to do inside, and the buildings are really modern and gorgeous. It’s a big white concrete structure beside which you may feel small.

4. Go Out with Spanish People!

A true fact: “You don’t know what a real party is if you never went to Spain”. There the part never ends. You will still be in the club until the next morning. Meet some Spanish people and become friends, the ambiance will keep you there. El Carmen is the best quarter for bars and restaurants. it might be a good idea to go to the ports because they are full of modern and sophisticated clubs.

5. Where the Beach?

The city of Valencia contains some of the most splendid beachees on the Mediterranean. After sunbathing and swimming, most poeple like eating in the many restaurants along the beach. Temperatures in Valencia are particularly pleasant. There are beautiful beaches all over Spain: La Concha beach is one of the best beaches in Eurupe. You should try it!

In brief, Valencia is a unique and wonderful place because of its activities, places, and its gastronomy. It’s ideal for both the lazy and intrepid traveler.

Interesting Facts about Valencia:

  • Valencians know how to party
  • Valencia is famous for its “horchata”: a frozen drink made of tiger nuts
  • Valencia is the birthplace of paella
  • Valencia is the third largest city in Spain