CISL is proud to have 45 years of English test preparation experience, including Cambridge preparation and TOEFL preparation classes at CISL San Diego and CISL San Francisco and IELTS preparation courses at CISL San Diego. Are you taking an exam soon to meet your personal, professional, or academic goals? We can help! Our small class sizes and passionate teachers will provide you with the tools necessary to ace your next exam.

With so many English proficiency test possibilities, it’s easy to get confused. What IS each test, and how do the test scores equate to the scores of other proficiency tests? Use this simple chart to see how your TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, or TOEIC test scores equate to the scores of other tests, and also see what your approximate CEFR (Common European Framework) level is. For a more detailed chart, check out CISL’s complete English Test Proficiency Equivalency Chart.

Are you not sure which test is right for you? Check out our useful article Choosing the Right English Proficiency Test and make an informed decision regarding which test is best for your academic or career goals.

TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge CAE and FCE Scores Equivalency ChartTOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge CAE and FCE Scores Equivalency Chart

If you are planning on taking an English proficiency test, make sure that you are prepared! CISL offers intensive TOEFL Preparation Courses, Cambridge Preparation Courses (including CAE, FCE, and PET), and an IELTS Preparation Course. Before you take your test, make sure that you also check out some of our articles on Cambridge, TOEFL, and IELTS. Your writing, reading, and speaking scores will surely improve after implementing these tips and completing these practice activities!