What do Usher, Bruno Mars, Ashton Kutcher, Snoop Dogg, and many CISL San Diego students have in common? They have all been to FLUXX Nightclub! San Diego’s FLUXX has been voted The Best Nightclub in the Nation by Nightclub & Bar. CISL students are not shocked to hear of this accolade, and neither are many San Diego residents: since the nightclub opened in 2010, it has been the talk of the city.

Rapper NAS visited Fluxx last month. Photos by Tim King, from Fluxx Facebook.


What makes FLUXX so special? The bar is known for its celebrity sightings as well as its constantly changing decor and many themes: the club undergoes a makeover every eight weeks! Examples of these themes include “Rainforest FLUXX,” when the nightclub was transformed into an exotic rainforest, and “Ritual,” when the club became a tropical-themed party. The entire club (over 11,000 square feet) morphed into a tropical paradise, and professional dancers dressed in tribal costumes were added entertainment during the event.


Another reason for FLUXX’s popularity is its 18 and over nights. FLUXX is one of several nightclubs in San Diego that have 18 and over nights. For a full list of clubs in San Diego that have 18 and over nights, check out this Yelp page.


Vocabulary words you may not know:

Accolade (noun): award

Undergo (verb): experience

Morph (verb): change