“Go fly a kite!”

Have you ever heard this expression? It means “go away.” It’s a very funny and strange idiom of the English language (but also powerful: people know exactly what to do when you tell them to “go fly a kite!”).

There is one time, however, that being told to “go fly a kite” might be a good thing: when you are kite surfing in the waters of San Diego’s beautiful Coronado Beach or Mission Bay.

The name “kite surfing” (also called “kite boarding”) aptly explains the sport: a kite is attached to a board that resembles a surfboard. You strap your feet onto the board, hold on to a handle that is attached to the ropes from the parachute, and let the wind take you across the water at incredible speeds.  Here is a video of Austin from Kiteboarding SD while he is kite surfing.

San Diego kite surfers (called “kiters”) will tell you that most people begin learning in Mission Bay and then move to Coronado, which typically has stronger winds than the other beaches in SD. We say that you can’t go wrong: Coronado has been voted the #1 Beach in America, which is no surprise to San Diego residents: the expansive beach, its view of Point Loma, the soft white sand, and the charming Hotel del Coronado make it the perfect beach location! Mission Beach and Mission Bay are home to countless water activities, the most fun bars and restaurants, and great shopping. It is definitely the social, fun beach that students desire.

If you take your kite surfing lessons from a company in Coronado, we recommend grabbing some food at the Hotel del (the view is great! And so is the ice cream!) or heading to the other side of the beach to watch the four-legged beach-lovers play at the Coronado Dog Beach. If you are in Mission Bay, check out the PB Shore Club, which has incredible views of Pacific Beach and the most delicious lobster tacos.

Here are a few of the companies that offer kite surfing lessons in San Diego.




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