CISL Pathway Partner – Alliant University


Alliant International University is a private institution with a focus on international relations, business, education, psychology and law. Our classes and programs emphasize service, leadership, professional practice, and international and multicultural understanding.

Whether you’re studying for a credential, certificate, master’s degree, or higher, Alliant will set you up for success. Throughout your courses you’ll explore the diverse needs facing the communities in which you’ll work, and gain the skills and confidence needed to make an impact
on those communities and the world beyond.

School Highlights:

  • Small class sizes
  • Strong international student population:
  • Diverse faculty from over 75 countries
  • Opportunities for global networking
  • Community involvement through service work experience
  • Curricula based on real-life experiences
  • Opportunities to intern and volunteer with numerous businesses and organizations
  • Flexibility: mid-semester enrollment for some programs
  • Excellent academic advising services
  • Credentials, certificates, master’s and PhD programs
  • Extensive scholarship opportunities
  • Three semester, customized MBA program
  • 15-month TESOL program

Alliant promotes international education and combines academics with real-world experience,
offering internship, volunteer, and career opportunities for students on the way to professional