Hello everybody,

My name is Roberto Díaz and I am one of the English students that has had the pleasure to attend an English course at Converse International School of Languages in San Diego.

During my last week in San Diego, I had the opportunity to visit the San Diego Zoo with the Converse organized activity and I can say that it was great!!!

The San Diego Zoo is one of the most important and prominent zooswithin the USA and the world. A couple of years ago I visited the Madrid Zoo, but it has nothing on the San Diego one.


The visit started with a little funicular trip going across the park and getting a general overview of the entire area. From the heights we saw the elephants, the bears, the lions, the tigers etc. The aerial trip allowed us to organized the visiting order and to take beautiful pictures.

Once we were on the ground, our first stop was the feline area that was one of the most impressive one, it really shocks you to see such big and dangerous animals so close to you.

After a couple of pictures we went to the most desired part for us, the Panda zone! At this location we were able to see the panda cub that was eating like a non-stop machine and the mother panda that was peacefully sleeping inside of his hut due to the outsider high temperature.

Without any doubt it is a wonderful day with my friends Vicky, Gianni, Max, Patrizia Christina (Tina) and Roman, that I would never forget.




Lots of kisses!!!

We will see you in Madrid,