Business English Phrasal Verbs for Inspiring Employees

Sometimes managing people in the office means more than just supervising: bosses are often required to inspire their employees, especially when times are difficult. This can be difficult for managers whose native language is not English. These Business English phrasal verbs for inspiring employees will help executives keep their employee morale high.

Business English Phrasal Verbs for Inspiring Employees

Cheer up

Definition: To be less unhappy.

Example: Cheer up: I know our sales are down this quarter, but we will work hard to improve!

Give up

Definition: To stop doing something; to stop putting effort into something.

Example: Don’t give up on this client: I think they will make a decision to buy our product soon.

(In this case, we use the negative “don’t give up.”)

Keep on

Definition: To continue.

Example: Keep on trying to contact the client: I’ll try her boss as well.

Business English Phrasal Verbs for Inspiring Employees

Hang in (there)

Definition: To persevere, to maintain a level of effort.

Example: I know that these hours are difficult, but hang in there: our busy season is almost over.

Hang on

Definition: To wait.

Example: We are going to create a new position for you. In the meantime, hang on.

Work on

Definition: To improve or develop.

Example: We will work on the computer system so that it is more efficient for our employees.  

Business English Phrasal Verbs for Inspiring Employees

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